Hayden Bowe

Owner, Strength Coach, Nutrition Coach

Hayden has 10+ years of experience in the industry and has worked with thousands of athletes from all over the world in nutrition, traditional athletics and strength sports. Some of his personal achievements in Olympic weightlifting include being junior national bronze medalist (2012), multiple-time junior/senior provincial champion and medalist, Canadian senior national competitor 2012 and 2013 (all in the 77kg weight class). Hayden is also an NCCP Level 1 Weightlifting Coach. In Powerlifting Hayden won a Silver Medal at the WPC World Championship in Porto, Portugal (2015) a Gold Medal at Boss of Bosses 3 (2016), and currently holds the USPA Florida State open squat record (raw w/wraps) in the 82.5KG weight class.

In addition to the Hybrid Virtual Gym platform Hayden is also an owner of the Hybrid Performance Method Gym, along with Stefi Cohen. The HPM Gym is an elite strength sport facility located in Miami which is home to the strongest lifters in the South.


Dr. Stefi Cohen

CSCS, Nutrition Coach, DPT

Stefi has an extensive list of achievements in the athletic field but she is also very well accomplished in the academic field. Not only is Stefi a multiple world record holding powerlifter, she is also an exercise physiologist and doctor of physical therapy.

In Olympic Weightlifting Stefi was the Florida senior state gold medalist (2015). Illinois senior state gold medalist and record holder (2015). In Powerlifting Stefi is the current all-time world record holder in squat, deadlift and total, she has 11 total all time world records so far in her career and is the #1 123lb Powerlifter in the world. Prior to strength sports Stefi was an accomplished NCAA (D1) Soccer Player for San Diego State 2009-10, she was also a member of the U17 Venezuelan National Soccer Team 2006-09.


Francesco Catalano

Head Hybrid Nutrition Coach

Francesco started his lifting career like many other young teenagers wanting to look like the heroes and models he saw on TV, movies and in the magazines. From the age of 13 he began lifting weights, bench pressing, doing bicep curls and chugging back protein shakes immediately after each and every workout. It wasn’t until he found bodybuilding and the rush from adding more weight to the bar that he realized he had a passion that went much further than the mirror or his childhood heroes. Competing in physique shows and a competitive elite level powerlifter he’s competed and won multiple competitions and meets in different weight classes. As an 83kg lifter he’s achieved a 745kg/1642lb total, 277.5kg/611lb squat, 187.5kg/414lb bench and a 287.5kg/633kg deadlift. Aside from his powerlifting accomplishments he has strong passion for helping anyone and everyone reach their performance, fat loss and body composition goals. Working with 1000’s of different clients he’s an experienced, understanding and empathetic coach that has a strong knowledge base of the needs of individuals and tailoring to their specific lifestyles and goals with an evidence based approach.


Samantha Petrich

Hybrid Nutrition Coach

Samantha started her fitness journey after college. During college she was a four time All-American softball player and she had to find something to fill that athletic void when she finished her NCAA career. That's when she found CrossFit, fell in love with the sport and developed an interest in nutrition. Quickly she learned that to be at an elite level in CrossFit you have to make nutrition just as important as training. As a former nutrition client of Hayden Bowe, she was able to develop an even better understanding for nutrition as it applies to athletes. Her passion for coaching athletes continued to grow so she decided to take the next step with Hybrid Nutrition in a coaching role. Samantha has an extensive background in the health sciences field with a degree in exercise physiology. Her academic background coupled with her passion to help others makes her the perfect fit to help athletes achieve their goals!


Vanessa Zingaro

Hybrid Nutrition Coach

Vanessa started lifting while she was in University when she noticed that “freshman fifteen” turning into a “freshmen twenty”. She realized that with her sedentary lifestyle of being a student and unhealthy eating habits something needed to change. She started going to CrossFit classes 3 times a week which quickly turned into 6 times a week and noticed she excelled in the strength and lifting portions of the class. Vanessa went on to train in Olympic Weightlifting and shortly after began competing. She competed in the 53kg weight class and held three Ontario records with a 73kg snatch, 93kg clean and jerk and a 166kg total at 52kg body weight. Recently Vanessa has been training in Powerlifting and her best lifts to date are a 156kg squat, 75kg bench, and 155kg deadlift. Vanessa has a passion for helping others achieve their fitness and body composition goals using her knowledge and experiences. She will do everything in her power to help her clients along their journey and make sure that each clients program is something that will be sustainable for them in the long run.


Sean Lind

Hybrid Gymnastics Coach

Sean is an experienced CrossFit & Gymnastics coach & competitor. Sean is a 4x CrossFit regional athlete, 1x CrossFit Games (team) athlete and a Level 3 CrossFit Coach. Sean has personally coached over 15 CrossFit Games athletes and 40 Regional athletes in Gymnastics. Sean is also an NCCP Level 3 Gymnastics coach (Men & Women). Sean is a graduate of the École de Cirque de Québec (2010), and has performed professionally as a circus acrobat. In addition to all of these qualifications Sean was also a high level Judo competitor at the national level (1996-1999) and is an NCCP Level 1 Judo coach.

Sean has been coaching and competing at a high level for years and he is the perfect coach to help you take your Gymnastics skills to the next level.


Alex Uslar

Director of Operations, General Manager, Powerlifting Coach

Alex has many roles at Hybrid. In addition to his important behind the scenes work as Director of Operations he is also an acting coach. Alex has been coaching Olympic weightlifting, Powerlifting and Crossfit for over almost a decade. He has coached multiple IPL national and world champions. Alex is able to expand his knowledge of strength sports beyond just lifting and has applied that knowledge as acting strength coach to the first place Crossfit Regional team and 11th place Crossfit Games team (2016). Alex is very involved in the powerlifting community and loves to give back. He is USPA Florida State Judge, so you can find him at most USPA meets in SoFlo, he is also a USPA Certified Coach.


Gregory Sutton

Hybrid Nutrition Coach

Greg has been immersed in fitness and athletics since 8 years of age. He was heavily involved in Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with training almost daily, competing in many competitions and instructing classes. From from the age of 7 to 18, martial arts were his main hobby and athletics until he required surgery on both knees. This obstacle pushed him towards switching to resistance training, body building, weightlifting and eventually powerlifting as his main athletics. From wanting to optimize his own performance in the gym he began researching about nutritional studies and sharing this knowledge with his peers. Starting from taking on a few of his friends as clients to now a full time job, Greg enjoys taking in and sharing as much of his knowledge and his experiences in athletics, personal experiences with injury prevention, injury rehabilitation and nutrition with all if his clients.


Danielle Couture

Hybrid Nutrition Coach

Danielle began taking an interest in fitness and nutrition when after she graduated college. Up until then she had never been particularly active or into sports. She noticed that each year her clothes seemed to get a little tighter and that simple physical tasks were difficult. So, without even knowing where to start, she joined a gym and started focusing on nutrition. A few years after doing regular training in the gym she discovered powerlifting which turned into a new passion that allowed her to be a part of an amazing community. She has competed in many powerlifting meets since then and loves the challenge of beating old numbers. Over the past 5 years, she has increased her squat by 130lbs, her bench by 60lbs and her deadlift by 170lbs all while decreasing her body weight by 45lbs and improving body composition. Danielle knew early on in her fitness journey that nutrition was a key component for body composition and performance so she took multiple courses and did all she could to further her education so that one day she could use her knowledge to help others. She is passionate about helping others be the best versions of themselves and loves being able to help others create sustainable habits and behaviours that allow them to achieve and maintain results.


Alex Usategui

Hybrid Nutrition Coach

Alex’s athletic career began when he played competitive basketball and tennis from a young age. This led him to begin his fitness career working as a personal trainer throughout college. While attending Florida International University, he began his coaching career as a Strength and Conditioning coach at the high school level. After graduating with his Master’s degree in Exercise Science, he spent a few years coaching track, football and tennis at the different high schools in Miami and eventually in Los Angeles. While living in Los Angeles he began working as a Professor in Exercise Physiology. Following a 7 year stay in Los Angeles, he accepted an offer to return to Miami and begin working as a Professor at Keiser University. While teaching at Keiser U, he returned to school and attended University of Miami and completed his Masters degree in Nutrition. Since completing the nutrition degree, Alex has worked with the Florida International University Sports Nutrition Department as well as teaching nutrition courses at Everglades University. He continues to stay an active competitor in both Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting.


Hillary Ervin

Hybrid Nutrition Coach

Hillary began her fitness journey at an early age, but after declining health due to Celiac's Disease nearly ten years ago, she developed a passion for nutrition and learning how what we eat impacts our body, well-being, and performance in the gym. With this passion, she chose to return to school to earn a B.S in Dietetics which she will complete in the Spring of 2020. Hillary has nearly five years of experience and has worked with thousands of clients. This practice has allowed her to become an empathetic coach that can meet an individual with where they are at via her strong knowledge base and evidence-based approach. She has a passion for helping others and works to empower them to reach their goals.


Simon Chang

Hybrid Nutrition Coach

Simon fell in love with lifting at the beginning of high school. His parents owned a gym and always preached the importance of proper nutrition and training to help him excel in a variety of sports. He started working at the gym at a young age and developed a strong passion for helping people reach their fitness and nutrition goals. He went on to play university football as a running back for Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, where he received the Fittest Male Athlete award in 2016-17 and set a university pull-up record with 37 reps. After university, Simon began powerlifting and in his first year won a Canadian national championship and came second place at IPF Worlds in the junior 83kg class. He also set a national record total of 1637lb in the junior 83kg with a 589lb squat, 402lb bench press and 644lb deadlift early in his career, and looks forward to what's next as he continues to grow as an athlete within the powerlifting community. Simon's level of care and intuitive nature sets himself apart from the rest. He has completed high-quality work with clients across the globe. He is eager to learn and grow as he is continuously striving to be a better mentor to his clients.


Alejandro Baez

Hybrid Olympic Weightlifting Coach

Alejandro began his sports career when he was in school, when some coaches told him he had potential for high-level weight lifting. He quickly rose to the top and is currently 9x Spanish national champion and 1x champion of Europe (U23). Alejandro competes with the best in the world in the 77kg weight class, trains with the national team and is also a national level weightlifting coach. He continues to pursue the highest level of competition possible and aims to be on the Spanish Olympic team in 2020. Alejandro is the founder of a fitness center in Spain called AranBox: Weightlifting & Fitness. In addition to all of this Alejandro is also coach of the Aranjuez Weightlifting Club located in Madrid where he currently lives.


Ian Daniel

Hybrid WOD Coach

Ian Daniel grew up playing sports as well as living an active life in general. This includes but is not limited to: soccer, baseball, tennis, football, wrestling, cycling, triathlon, surfing, track and field, swimming, hunting/shooting, hiking, fishing/freediving/scuba, etc. His journey in fitness began around the age of eleven when he learned that he wasn’t as genetically gifted as his peers. So in order to match their abilities, he had to work extra hard. This grew into an internally driven pursuit of performance which enhanced his understanding of nutrition and the human body, and caused him to naturally excel at whatever sport he chose, which happened to be football, wrestling, weightlifting, and track and field in high school. Upon entering college to pursue his career in the medical field, while working as a personal trainer (NASM CPT, CES), he decided he needed to maintain an outside physical pursuit as an outlet and hobby. He then took up Crossfit, qualifying for the Southeast regional competition as an individual only two months after beginning. From the years of 2012 to 2015 he did somewhere in the ball park of 25 to 30 privately held competitions in the southeast, making the podium in more than two thirds of them.

After taking a year off to focus on his career, he joined Team Hustle Hard of Hustle Hard Crossfit, in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. They went on to qualify for the 2016 Crossfit Games by taking second place at the Atlantic Regional, and the 2017 Crossfit Games by taking second place again at the same Atlantic Regional. At the 2016 and 2017 Crossfit Games they placed 22nd and 23rd, respectively, out of 40 teams from across the world.

He also played professional GRID on the San Francisco Fire, and has achieved an Elite Powerlifting total in the USPA 198lb weight class, placing third in his first meet ever. His current goal at the moment is to achieve a 500 Wilks total in the 100kg weight class in powerlifting.