Who We Are

The Hybrid Performance Method has been created to help both single and multi-sport iron athletes reach their full potential.
Whether you lift in a box, commercial gym, or in your garage, you can be part of Team Hybrid.

Find Your Ideal Training Partner

Locate teammates by city, state/province, country, age, gender, bodyweight and more options so you can match yourself with the ideal training partner in your area or while travelling.

See Where You Stack Up

Each training session is part of our daily leaderboards! You can see how you stack up against your teammates in total weight lifted or by our pound-for-pound calculation.

Join The Forum

Our members only forum will help you find answers to all of your iron sport questions. We have discussions about everything from injury prevention to finding the best post training restaurants worldwide.

Enjoy Your Freedom

Our program lets you train anywhere you want on your own schedule while still being a part of an amazing team and community. No more rushing or trying to make your schedule fit a gym’s schedule.

6 For The Price Of 1

Can’t decide on which program will be best for you? Don’t sweat it! You are free to change between our 6 programs at any given time. Goals change all the time and we want to help you chase them with no additional charges.

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